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The Native Faith is a group of people which aims to renew the origin of Czech faith and the origin of Czech spiritual and material customs. Because of the other groups are dealing with the renewal of material customs, the main point of activities of the Native Faith is the renewal of spiritual customs.

The origin Czech pre-Christian spiritual customs have Slavonic origin, that´s why Slavonic traditions are the base for Native Faith. It also respects spiritual traditions of all nations which occupied the area of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia before Slavonians came including their factual influence on Slavonic population.

The faith is the base of spiritual customs. The Native Faith renews the origin pre-Christian faith of Slavonians in Czech countries. The base of renewal of this faith is the organizing of annual feasts and celebrations and that is also the main point of activities of the Native Faith. Apart from these ceremonies, we cannot ignore the individual ceremonies which accompany the human life from birth till death. Contemporary task of Native Faith is to create a lively and productive community of native believers which would satisfy their spiritual needs and enrich the Czech society and culture.

The Native Faith as a company is nowadays registered as a civil association. Later on, we would like to be registered as religious group. Native Faith is democratic association, it depends only on its members how the association will look like. We refuse the princip of the unmistaken chief, the limitation of personal and spiritual freedom, the material abuse of its members and similar pathological practices. Native Faith is apolitical association, it neither prefers nor propagates any political ideology. But it does not prohibit the members to have the political activity out of organization. It is prohibited to interfere into the native faith and life of members of group by ideologies which have nothing in common with spiritual world of our ancestors like some forms of extremism for example.

The supreme decisive organ of Native Faith is the Assembly which has meetings at least once a year. Each member of group has a right to participate the assembly. If possible, assembly makes its decisions with one voice. Assembly chooses the chief who is a deputy and representative of Native faith in the period of time between the assemblies. Structure of Native faith is double. The basic horizontal units are communes which operate regionally. They organize the activities in their region themselves. At least 3 members of Native faith who are living or operating in the region are needed to establish the commune. Each commune must organize 1 natively faith feast per year. Retinues create the vertical element. Retinues are voluntary associations of members of Native faith coming from one or more communes. Their activities can be various: spiritual, cultural, handicrafting etc.

Any inhabitant of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia who is over 18 years with no diference of sex, nationality and political confession can become to be the member of Native faith. The membership in the other associations, political parties, religious groups and churches is not the obstacle for membership in Native faith. The new member is accepted by the commune of the area where the member lives or operates. The member can be accepted after 1 year from his demand of membership in the case of his participations at least on 3 Slavonic domestic feasts or feasts abroad and the participation on a special accepting ritual replacing transitional rituals where he had to participate before. During such ritual the adept accepts Slavonic name. The duty of member of Native faith is according to his abilities to contribute to the achieving of its goals by participation on the actions of Native faith at least. The membership is cancelled in the case of demand sent by the member or in the case of excommunication. Excommunicated member can be the one who damages the organization by his operating. It can also be the one who dissapears from the organization for a longer time without giving the reason. The death does not cause the excommunication.

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